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Monday, May 16, 2011

What I've Been Up To + My Sleepy Kitties Obsession!

Hey everyone,

Feels like its been forever! I'm officially back home for the summer and I'm so excited to be back! Long humid nights and days spent poolside are what I adore about summer. . .oh and uh, can't forget the BBQ's!
I've completed my 2nd year at my University and it feels so good, I'm halfway to the finish line and I ended the semester extremely well! Its funny how during the year I stress so much over my grades (the overachiever in me dominates lol) but its all worth it, its good stress because at the end of the semester my good grades are rewards for all my hard work. I wouldn't trade my education for the world [Nerd mode!] hehe.

So I moved out of my dorm last thursday, it feels so weird to know I won't be living in the dorms ever again! I started my Youtube channel in my dorm last august! So many memories...ah..anywho! So I came home, and have been a busy bee ever since. I went to pick up my car on saturday and started work on sunday. Today I went back to filming and it feels great to be back :) I will post my new video below just in case you haven't seen it. I am going to be doing a summer series; makeup tutorials, fashion vids, and easy hair tutorials for those hot, humid, summer days. Summer is my season so don't get sick of my summer themed videos okay!? haha.

What are your plans for this summer? I think I'm going to be relaxing outdoors whenever I can, making lots of fun videos, working, annnd (sadly) get a head-start in studying for the LSAT exam! Oh and I can't forget, I want to read as many novels as I can this summer. Looks like I'll be taking a trip to Barnes & Noble to see what book I can snatch up :) If any of you have any good books you'd recommend please please please post them below or tweet/facebook them to me!

I love you all! xoxo,


P.S: If any of you know who ijustine is, then you've probably seen her Sleepy Kitties video right? Well, I've become obsessed with watching sleepy kitties haha, check out these videos [the 2nd one is my favorite], I promise it'll make your day instantly!

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