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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Steps to eating Healthier!

As most of you may know (that is, if you watched my New Year Resolutions video) you will know I decided to try and eat healthier this year. (Yeah, yeah and the other 6 billion people on this earth!) But before you write me off, I actually found some amazing foods that are actually de-lish!

Food #1: Oranges
Can you say juicy!? Oh my, if you pick the perfect orange from your local produce store your taste buds will thank you. Here's my little story as to how I began to love oranges. My family and I (mom & dad) are in the car and of course my mom is eating an orange (she always eats healthy), she offers me one and I said no, but then I realized I had a huge headache and it was most likely because I hadn't eaten since early morning so I took it and "boy, was it amazing!" Its so refreshing and juicy, (I know I'm being really weird about an orange but I am NOT a typical fruit eater, unless its drenched in high fructose corn syrup ha. no I'm kidding! But typically I don't eat bare fruit)

Benefits of Oranges? PLENTY
For one you get a (excuse my french) Shit load of Vitamin C which in terms you can understand means it helps your body stay clear from sickness like the common cold, or the flu, but you also get the added benefits of Potassium which helps maintain your cardiovascular system which is perfect for those of us who head to the gym ;) It also contains Folic acid which assists in proper brain function (which all highly motivated college students need) and so much more!

Next is: Spinach!
I don't understand why people stay away from Spinach so much, its a great substitute for lettuce in a salad. Amazing! Honestly, it doesn't even taste like anything but add a little bit of Caesar dressing and your mouth will beg for more!

Benefits of Spinach? Too many to list here!
Vitamin C again, of course! Folic Acid and Iron! Speaking of Iron. I think what many women don't get enough of is Iron. Did you know lack of Iron in the blood-stream can cause Anemia which can lead to Cancer? Anemia is not a fun illness, as I have two family members who suffered from it from lack of eating. 

I am not going to blab on about Oranges and Spinach all day but I just wanted to mention two of my newly found health foods that I will definitely be keeping on my menu. I also would like to encourage you all to try these two power-house vitamin packed foods out and if you have any health foods that you'd like to recommend to me leave them down below, let's help each other get the body and mind we want; a healthy one

Much love to all, until next time. ;)


- Kayla


  1. Oranges= yumm!
    Meh spinach not so much, but I still eat it. :)

  2. Hey Kayla :)

    Yummmmm :) I eat for my bloodtype... have you ever heard of that 'diet' its more of an eating lifestyle than a diet. I love it. I feel so great when im on it. You should check it out. :) xoxox good luck! :)

  3. Stephanie you have the best ideas. I've never heard of that I'm going to google it!


  4. Kayla, Im going to email the chart I look at- its the best one.