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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Review: MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer + Now on Facebook!

Hey all,

So I've been asked a lot of questions on the MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer I showed you all in my recent Beauty Haul video and well instead of doing a Video review I thought I'd give a brief pro & con version review and then finish it off with any extra comments. If you have any more questions feel free to leave them down below or Twitter/Facebook. I'll add the links at the end of this blog. ;)

MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer - NW20 

> Smooth & Creamy
> Blend-able
> Doesn't cake
> Looks great in photos
>  Removes appearance of under-eye circles
> Lasts all day (15 hours for all Pro-Longwear products)
> A little goes a long way!

> Major difficulty getting the right amount from pump!
> Not great for everyday wear if you are in a rush in the mornings.
> If it isn't blended well it will settle into fine lines

So obviously the PROS outweigh the CONS but what I mean by it not being great for everyday wear is because (although I use it everyday) its very difficult to get the little amount you need from the pump and to get the perfect amount you really need to push on the pump as lightly as you can but still hard enough to get some product out, it takes a hell of a lot of practice :(. I got mine for the sole purpose of covering my under-eye circles and I got it in a shade lighter to serve as more of a highlight under my eyes.

If you are a first time MAC foundation/concealer user, definitely go in and have the make-up artist find the right color for you, MAC color numbers are very confusing but I am planning a much-requested video about how to choose the correct colors for your skin-tone so stay tuned for that.

The MAC Pro-Longwear Concealer retails for 16.50 (U.S).

I also use the MAC Pro-Longwear Foundation as well and my color in that is NW25 and retails for 29.50 (U.S)

Hope this review was helpful. If you have an questions contact me at any of these links or VIA comment down below!

Much Love,


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  1. When I don't use my Sheer Cover concealer (the best EVER!!!)... Ill use the dream matte mouse concealer... out of all the concealers I've used I like that the best(besides the Sheer cover one)

    Good post. Does it feel cakey at all?