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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just for laughs.

Hey everyone,

This is kind of a random blog, but I just found this (what I think is) a hilarious picture I took around the time when I first got my Macbook a year ago. It kind of has a story to it because if you have a Mac you know that in "Photo booth" which is where you can take webcam pictures, there are 3 options, and one is to take 4 pictures in 1 take. I didn't know I had it set to that, so I originally thought I was just taking one picture and as it kept taking pictures it captured my confusion.

Pictures go in order from (Top) Left - (Bottom) Right

I think this is so funny, I don't know why. I think maybe because I was trying to be all cool in the first picture and then by the third picture I was like "woaaaah! what the hay is going on!?" and then by the fourth picture I figured it out, hence my "enlightened" facial expression. lol.

Oh and yes, this is when my hair was dyed a "Soft Black" color. So don't freak out! I didn't dye my hair back lol. . .this is an old picture!

I'm just kind of having one of those nights where I don't want to do anything but look at old photos. I'm so over this semester. I'm ready to lay poolside and put my toesies in the water :) One more month here at school then summer can finally begin. Yeah I should be doing some reading for my class tomorrow but I think I work myself too much, I don't recommend not doing homework but I'm just way too stressed. I think Friday has come two days early for me. =P

No worries, I'll just work extra hard next week, I promise ;)

I think I'll film tomorrow. Stay tuned.
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