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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Under Construction.

Hey everyone,

I know its been a while since I've posted, its not that I don't want to but its because I am not quite sure in what direction to take my blog. Right now I'd describe my blog as more of a "chill-spot" where I can just talk about anything I want, but I've been wanting to take it in a different direction. I've been leaning toward more of a fashion blog, with some posts on make-up every now and then. Maybe like and "Outfit of the day" kind of blogspot???


But while I'd love to change it up, it'll definitely take up more time. Right now when I blog it doesn't take as long as if I decided to make my blog more structured. Am I making sense? lol. Argh. If you have any suggestions that'd be much appreciated, or if you think I should just keep it the way it is let me know too! I also changed the look of my blog as well, if you haven't already noticed :) nothing drastic, but the background is definitely more ME! 

Anyway, just thought I would update, check out my last three videos if you haven't already! 

- Kayla 


  1. doing a fashion blog is always fun!

  2. I loved your blog!!!
    Its so cute...
    i watched you video on youtube, and i folow you here...
    I cut my hair like you...
    your hair is very pretty...