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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dalton Cosmetics (Full Review)

Hey everyone! In conjunction with my recent video on Dalton Cosmetics here is my full review of all the products! If you have any other questions leave them in the comments section or tweet me on Twitter. Enjoy! -Kayla 


Dalton Mirage Blending Powder - $42 (U.S)

  • meant to give a full airbrush effect
  • color corrector
  • blends any makeup mistakes
  • contains anti-aging ingredients  

I actually really found this product to be useful, it really does clean up any make-up mistakes, for example if by chance I put a bit too much bronzer on one side of my face, when I apply my Blending powder it corrects the problem. If you have oily skin this also works as a great finishing powder. This product has become a part of my daily face routine and the Face Form brush included with the Mirage Powder is very revolutionary in that it is shaped specifically for our face and isn't flat like all other make-up brushes which means its able to place product in the natural creases and contours of our face. Genius Stuff! 

 Golden Pearl Bronzing Powder with Puki Brush - $40 (U.S)

  • infused with golden crushed pearl essence
  • Hydrates the skin while improving elasticity 
  • Anti-aging powder 

I love the red undertones in this bronzer, its definitely unlike all the other bronzers I've used which has darker tones to them. I think the reason I like it is because its the most realistic kind of tan color I've seen. Normally when fair-skinned people tan their skin is a rosy bronze color and this is the closest to that tan that I have seen come from a powder. I must also mention the amazing compact is comes in is huge! The mirror is very large and amazing for precise application and the Puki brush is very soft.

Fresh Coat Tinted Primer w/ SPF 20 - $34 (U.S)

  • Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • even skin tone, 
  • hydrate 
  • superior skin protection SPF 20 UVA/UVB broad spectrum. 

I must say this Primer is amazing! At first glance the product when pumped looks like it might be too dark for lighter skin tones but when applied it almost becomes invisible on your face and ends up matching your skin perfectly! Not to mention it feels like your applying whipped silk to your face, I don't know how else to explain it, but I love this product and I wear it both as a primer and alone. The SPF protection is an added bonus! 

Deep Line and Crease Diffuser w/ DermaFlex technology - $31 (U.S)

  • DermaFlex technology: allows for flexibility and movement which move with your skin so that it does not crease 
  • Vanishes lines, blemishes, redness and uneven skin tones
  • Hyaluronic Spheres aid in skin hydration
This concealer is light-weight and blends perfectly with just your finger. Again the product looks much darker then it really is in the container and speaking of the container, while it is very beautiful packaging, there is way too much glass container and not enough of the actual product which is kind of a bummer but a little goes a long way with this product so either way it should last a while. 
As far as vanishing lines, and not creasing. This isn't a miracle product, it will not vanish lines completely especially if you are an older women. For example I tried this on my mother and it did not help her lines at all. If you are a women in your 20s-30s this could be a simple fix to a few laugh lines and under-eye creasing. Overall, I do like this product for everyday wear because of how light it feels on your skin.

Brow Fix Natural Look Brow Gel (Black) - $28 (U.S) w/brush

  • #1 bestselling brow product on QVC 
  • Micronized natural cellulose fibers add dimension & color to brows
  • Covers grays, tames stray hairs, and adheres to skin where hair is absent
  • Creates thicker/fuller brows w/ Nutra 6 complex 
Ok, this brow gel is my absolute favorite! I had been using the e.l.f brow gel kit but the first time I tried this my eyebrows looked perfect! The texture of this gel is air-whipped, goes on very clean and precisely with the amazing brush it came with. I think its a good deal because the gel came with a standard size brow brush and gel applicator tip. If its one thing other than the face Primer that I am addicted to, its this! Hands down! Oh and again the packaging is beautiful and very well-made. 

 Dalton's 5 piece Color Creme Lipgloss Set - $32.94 (U.S) sale price

  • Contains revolutionary coligen tri-peptides to plump lips by filling in lines
  • sweetened with light refreshing taste of vanilla 
  • retains moisture for smooth moist lips 

I have to say that these are the most moist and creamy glosses I have every tried. I wish they lasted longer though, I'd give it about 3 hours before you have to re-apply but the color pay-off is beautiful and look amazing over similar colored lipsticks. Another thing I must say is that these glosses are NOT sticky! They glide on like a dream it feels great to apply them. Both my mother and my sister tried them as well and they love the color variety and the way they feel on their lips. 

 The pink shade (left) "Shawny K" is my favorite shade of all. It looks amazing over my Revlon lipstick in "Baby Pink" and even alone it looks gorgeous. This burgundy color (right) "Janie" was not one of my favorites and it is actually lighter on then in the container. Another favorite of mine is "Lisa Lou" (left) which is like a peachy golden color. 

 Lastly (right) "Patti's Pout" is a bronzy nude color which is also very flattering. The retractable lip brush is also genius! It is so compact and the look and feel is definitely quality. 

 For more info and products from Dalton cosmetics visit:

Hope you enjoyed this review everyone! 


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