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Friday, February 11, 2011

On the Set of Transformers 3!

Hey everyone,
So recently I tweeted:

A follower of mine gave me the idea to create a blogpost about this experience with pictures!
So here they are, but first some background on how this happened. Now this was in July, a month before I even starting creating youtube videos! Thats so crazy, I can't remember not making videos and I can't believe it'll be a year in August 2011! But anyway, I was headed downtown to see my boyfriend/bestfriend at the time in Chicago and I ran into the set of Transformers 3! I had no idea they were filming, I just saw a bunch of cars toppled over and trash everywhere, smoke, policemen, camera crews an everything! I thought something tragic happened in Chicago, I was terrified! But then I realized the newspapers flying into the air were not real! I was on the set of Transformers 3! So before I could take any decent pictures a cop shooed me away and said I couldn't take pictures! Ugh, I know. But later that day my boyfriend and I came back to the set and tried to sneak some shots! We even got to witness them filming a scene with an actual explosion! Here are the pictures we managed to take on this amazing summer day! Enjoy!

Also let me know if you got to witness the Transformers 3 filming too! It'd be cool to swap stories! :)

Signs leading the way to the Transformers 3 set! Oh Shia here I come ;)

Fake Taxi!! I thought that was so cool!

They made us turn around here :(

HOLLYWOOD! I want to be an Actor! Ugh.

Uniforms :)

Inside one of the trailers.
One of the scenes :)

Waiting for them to call rolling of another scene! They told us to plug our ears but it wasn't even that loud! Silly movie crew :)

I've gotta say it was better in person but I thought I'd share this with you all because it was a really neat experience! Can't wait to see the movie this Summer! :) Love you all xoxo,


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  1. really? Kayla this was the last thing i expected you to write about lol