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Saturday, February 5, 2011

e.l.f Natural Eyes Palette Blog Tutorial + Cutesy talk

Hey all. I've decided I'm going to get off my butt and make more blogs. Wait...thats not right, I'd have to be sitting down to update my blog right? Well I'll be sitting on my butt more often updating =P

Anyway, I am very frustrated, I was filming a tutorial on this eye look (see picture at left) and my camera died which is probably for the best because I was filming during the evening and the lighting sucked so it was most likely a sign from my camera and the youtube Gods that I shouldn't be filming at the moment. haha.

Its really upsetting that my lighting more often than not completely sucks. Its super hard to do tutorials in this room and its killing me because I have so many looks I'd like to show you all. So until I get a new camera (and I know its been taking a while but the one I want is over a 1,000 dollars (U.S) and I decided not to be a spoiled brat and ask my parents to buy it for me so I'm saving up on my own but I have other priorities as of right now so bare with me) I will be posting pictures of any looks I think you all would like on my blog. Luckily the camera I have takes amazing pictures...I mean it better it was 400 bucks when I first bought it! >=I

Now to the beauty talk! I've said this in past videos and I will say it again. I love e.l.f's natural face palette! Ah! The colors are fabulous (esp. since I love neutral eye looks for everyday). I use the palette a lot believe it or not but the color pay-off is so great that you only need a bit to make a gorgeous everyday look. Sadly, I barely use the gold color because well, I need to get out more! haha. No really, back to the point...I was filming a tutorial with this palette but it was a major fail (read above) so I decided I'd explain my everyday eye look with you all instead.

 First I apply (using a fluffy blending brush) the bottom left color which is a champagne-y color to my lid, then I use a crease brush and apply the lighter brown on the top right corner to my crease and blend upwards, next I take that fluffy blending brush again and blend that out. Afterwards I apply my brow bone highlight (top left) and I'm done! Then I add some eyeliner and mascara and I'm good to go. (If this sounds super simple, its because it is. This would be a very short tutorial if I uploaded it to youtube, which is probably a good thing!

So hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Was it too long? Just right? What kinds of topics would you like to see me talk about on here? Let me know!

Until next time,


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  1. CUTE! It looks so good on you, decided to use mine today. :)