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Friday, October 22, 2010

Products to Hydrate your skin even in bitter cold weather!

Hey everyone!

So as I have said before, I recently did some shopping at Bath and Body Works. I adore their products and I stocked up on a few must have items to help keep my skin nice and healthy just in time for the color weather about to drop down on my town. :)

I talked about these products in my recent beauty video on my youtube channel and now it's down below for you to check out if you haven't already.

I just wanted to list the products discussed in my blog with some further discussion about each.
The first product is the Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Butter which is actually a new improved formula and is said to hydrate and heal your skin within 1 week. Not only does it smell delicious but it has a thickness to it that definitely does the job. I like to use it on my arms and legs which are most prone to dryness and I use an unscented moisturizer for the rest of my body. I love it and these body butters retail for 15.00 dollars. 

The next item is the Rose Salve multi-purpose salve which I am completely obsessed with! I love this product because not only can it be used for your lips but for any area on your body that is dry! Your knees, elbows, anywhere on your face, even your cuticles! I am truly obsessed with rose salve and it smells like roses. Its great! I definitely would run out and get this one if I were you. This product retails at 5.50 and can be found in Bath & Body's lipcare section. 

Now, I am very prone to breakage and dryness in my hands, particularly on my cuticles. So not only does the Rose Salve help but I found a miracle product called "Just a minute" 60 second manicure scrub, and it is to die for! I love how soft my hands feel after using this and how clean my nail beds look. This product is part of the Bath & Body spa care line "True Blue Spa" products and retails for 12.00 dollars. 

Bath and body also carries lip glosses in different amazing flavors! I recently purchased the Liplicious brand "Tasty lip color" in Passionfruit Guava. This is one of their colored lip glosses which is something you have to look out for when purchasing a lipgloss from Bath and Body, they have sheer lipgloss that just gives a nice sheer lip and smells amazing and they have tinted lip glosses for an extra dose of color. I love their lip products because not only do they help moisturize your skin with added vitamins and nutrients but they go on smoothly and never stick. They retail at 7.50.

These products are all definitely well priced (under 20.00) and will definitely help to heal and protect your skin from any harm done by harsh winter winds. 

Get your skin Ready for Winter Video

Any questions? Comments?
Leave them below or on my youtube channel. 

<3 Kayla 

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