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Monday, November 15, 2010

Bonjour, Je'mappelle Kayla Marie!

Haha. Nice title huh? 8 years of french and thats the only phrase I can say perfectly. Sad...I know.
Okay, so now to the important stuff. I have been receiving tons of questions for an upcoming FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) video I am preparing for you all. I know many of you are curious about a lot and I will be addressing all of the repeated questions I have been receiving on youtube and twitter. As far as when I will be posting this video, I have not set a specific date yet, I want to make it extra special so I would like to set aside time for it specifically and not just video-tape it in between classes. I also have a few other Beauty related vids I want to film as well, so I'm a bit stuck.

Anyway, if you have anymore curious questions you'd like to ask me go ahead and leave them down below or on my channel.

Also, I am excited because I have a haul video I'm going to be doing hopefully later this week. Last week I ordered a bunch of items from e.l.f's website and I am excited to see what the buzz is about with their products. I have heard that they are of pretty good quality for the extremely low price and I know many of my viewers would like to see more affordable make-up products and I hear you all! I think theirs enough "Brand" guru's out there, and lets be real here, more often than not people are not going to want to spend 30 dollars on a lipstick. I am not saying that I don't do this...I don't want to be a hypocrite here, but I am trying to reach out to both types of shoppers. You understand right?

Hope so.

Anyway that is all for today,

Love you all!

- Kayla

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