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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now Tweeting Away!

Good News! I now have a Twitter account so find me at: cutesygirl09

I actually had a twitter before when Twitter wasn't even popular yet, but I deleted it because...well, no body really knew about it so I was one LONELY tweeter! I actually first found out about Twitter in Seventeen Magazine. Ah, I literally use to have like over 100+ copies of Seventeen, because I use to subscribe to their magazine and I never wanted to throw away any old issues, but I had to when I moved because I couldn't take them all with me, it would've been a hassle. I use to sit and look through my older issues just to see how the styles have changed, and what hasn't. Plus the beauty and skin articles always came in handy because most never went out of style.

But on another note. I've been loving all of your comments, and I have been trying to get back to as many as I can. If your wondering why I haven't responded to your comment its probably because I've gotten a lot of the same questions being asked and I've either already answered it, or I will be answering it in an upcoming video or I will be posting a little FAQ on my channel.

I am excited to start filming my upcoming video, I have sooo many I want to get up, and I will be filming one tomorrow, but I am not going to give away what its about yet. So just stay tuned on that. A lot of you have been giving me some great ideas for upcoming vids and I'm totally excited!

Well, thats it for today!

BAM! <-- Thats my big finale...then smoke appears and I disappear. Ha.

Love you all,